ENV¥¥OU is an alternative pop/rock quartet hailing from Malmö, Sweden. Since their start in 2015 these youngsters have crafted their own unique take on modern rock. By mixing the guitar based rock music you know and love with fresh pop production, ear pleasing electronic elements and catchy R’n’B vocals, this may just be the perfect package for any modern listener.

While not being afraid of switching things up, the often darker sounding instrumental is usually paired with relatable lyrics, battling themes of depression, love or heartbreak.

ENV¥¥OU's new single ’Stick Around’ aired on major digital platforms on 13th of August, 2020. The song has met nothing but great reviews so far, leaving the listeners on their seats for what is to come.

ENV¥¥OU is:

Oliver Narbe - Vocals/Guitar
Viktor Jonsson - Guitar
Gustaf Lindberg - Bass
Johan Lundholm - Drums

www.envyyouofficial.com | Malmö, Sweden
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Area of representation: Worldwide
For booking: stoffe@high5ive.se
'Stick Around' single | Release date: 2020-08-13 (Self-release)