inOcean is a four-piece band with influences both in Rock n' Roll and Hardcore music that deliver a live show like no other band on the Swedish alternative scene up to date. Formed from the ashes of Chemical Vocation and Early To Bed the boys from Karlstad and Gothenburg are after a few years in the dark ready to meet the light of today.

The band released a four-track EP called "To Come Undone" including tracks like "Home" and "Insane" which is on another level than any rock n roll hardcore artist in this country. If you are a fan of bands like Every Time I Die or Refused, these boys are something you really need to check out. 

InOcean is:
Pierre Stridsberg - Vocals
Marcus Hjorth - Guitar
Johannes Ljung - Bass & Vocals
Fredrik Dahlgren - Drums

inocean_bildpng | Karlstad/Gothenburg, Sweden
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Area of representation: Scandinavia, Europe
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'To Come Undone' EP | Release date 2016-04-30