From the 'Metal coast' (West Coast) of Sweden in Borås, just outside Gothenburg hails Metalcore quartet TBOYAM, short for The Burial of You and Me. 

The band consists of frontman Andreas Qvarfordt (Vocals), Rasmus Nordin (Guitar/Vocals), Cristian Eklund (Bass) and Robin Granskog (Drums). Since the formation in 2013 the band released the full length "Endings" in 2015 which was recently followed up with the six-track EP "Closure" in late November 2017 before joining the High 5ive Music family.

Influenced by bands like Asking Alexandria, Miss May I and August Burns Red. The Burial of You and Me are one of those bands that have the unique sound where melodies and riffs are as catchy as any billboard hit-song, but being able to bring out the darkest and heaviest part as the soundtrack of your worst nightmare in a flawless combination. Make sure to be ready, this is gonna be one of the next big things in the European Metalcore scene. 

The Burial of You and Me is:
Andreas Qvarfordt - Vocals
Rasmus Nordin - Guitar & Vocals
Cristian Eklund - Bass
Robin Granskog - Drums

www.theburialofyouandme.com | Borås, Sweden
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Area of representation: Worldwide
For booking: stoffe@high5ive.se

'Closure' EP | Release date: 2017-11-24